Instander Apk v 15.4 (Official Latest Version) 2022

Instander Apk is another version of the Instagram application that provides many useful features in the original Instagram App. If you are in search of finding such Insta Apps that contain numerous benefits, then you have landed on the right page. Here, you can get amazing features with its guide. In the original app, you cannot download the media and other files, but all these attributes are present in Instander Latest version.

Some people do not want to show their presence on the Instagram accounts and they want to act like mysterious people. Some cannot get a verification badge too early and they feel tired of using the application. In the same way, there exist hundreds of issues that multiple people face. Hence, it is necessary to use Instander App if you want to get all these features instantly.

instander apk

It is an Instamod developed for android devices for giving access to extraordinary features that a person can never imagine.


There exist hundreds of features of Instander Pro Apk but here we are listing a few most important attributes:

Save Photos and Videos

The original Instagram Application does not allow its users to save images and videos. But here, a user can easily save them by pressing the save button. It is quite easier and now you can easily save anything of your choice. When you get free time and want to see the saved images, then go to the saved gallery and it will show you everything that you saved earlier.

Hide the Seen Tick of Message

If you have sent anyone the direct message and he/she replied to you, and you do not want to show that you have seen the message, then it is an amazing feature for you. Simply press the hide button and the other person will not be aware that you have already seen his image.

Full-Size DP Viewer

Hold on to Instagram DP for a few seconds, and you will be able to see the DP in full size. In this way, you can see the profile picture of anyone because there does not exist any restriction.

Download IGTV/ Photos/ Stories/ Videos

Tap the media on your device and then press the download button. It will start downloading the images, videos stories or IGTV as per your choice. This is an instant download option and you do not need to wait for a long time anymore.

Hide View Stories

If you do not want to show anyone that you have viewed his/ her stories, then this is the best feature for you. Enable the option of hiding view stories and you will get your required results effectively.

Free From Ads

An amazing thing is that you will not get disturbed because of advertisement because the Instander does not reduce the interest of users by showing them ads. It is completely free from ads.

Hide View Live Stream

If you have seen a live stream of a person and does not want to show that you have seen, then turn on ghost mode. In this mode, allow the option of hiding view live stream and no one will know that you have seen his live stream.

Improve the Quality of Images/ Videos/ IGTV

If a person posted poor quality images and you want to see high quality, then turn on the option of improving the quality of images. In this way, you can see excellent quality pictures and videos as per your demand.

instander app

Video Autoplay

You can easily enable or disable the video autoplay according to your preference. In the Misc Option, you can easily see the option of video autoplay.

Autoplay Stories with Sound

Same as video autoplay, you can also turn on the option of stories autoplay with sound,

Remove Liked Images

If you have liked the images of a user and do not want to show him that you like a photo, then you can easily remove the liked images.

Download Reels

You can download reels by pressing the download button. It is as easy as downloading images and videos.

Disabled Analytics and Crash Reports

You can also disable the analytics and crash reports effectively from Privacy Settings. In this way, no one can analyze your activity of using the app. You can also send crash reports if your application crashes. It leads towards improvement from the end of developers and removes the specific bug.

instander apk

Indicate Follows You

When you press the user name of a person, then it shows that username XYZ follows you.

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How to Download

Press the download button given below for a proper downloading application.

How to Install

  • First, uninstall the original version of the Instagram application if that is installed on your device already.
  • Now, go to Settings of your Device Go to the Security option and Enable the Unknown Sources.
instander apk
  • Now install the Instander Instagarm that you have downloaded on your device already.
  • Open the App, go to profile. At the top-right menu, open Instander Download Settings.
  • Now, enable the Features and Options according to your preferences.
instander app
  • Enjoy different features on your device effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to root my device before installing Instander?

No, there is no need to root your device.

How can I hide my presence from other people?

You can turn on the Ghost Mode and in this way, your identity will remain hidden from other people.

How does Instander differ from original Instagram?

It differs from the original version in terms of providing more features to its users.

Final Point

Instander App is a version of Instagram that provides a variety of features to its users. You can even hide your identity by turning on the Guest Mode. In this way, no one can ever know that you are stalking their accounts. Apart from this, you can save and download the media to your device.

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