Insta Pro Apk (Latest Version) Free Download 2022

Insta Pro Apk is a social application that is designed for android devices. If you want to get extra features of Instagram like saving of videos, images and reels, then this application is perfect for you. It helps you in downloading different media files because the original Instagram app does not offer this save option. It also contains numerous privacy-related features that help the users to keep every important thing private and secure.

Why do you Need Insta Pro Apk?

If you are fed up with taking screenshots of different images of Instagram and recording the screen, then you do not need to worry. Because here, we are providing you with a complete solution that will help you to get rid of these factors effectively. Some people use software for saving images because they want to save important information. Now, the solution to such problems is present in this article.

insta pro apk

SamMods developed the Insta Pro App which is the best version of Insta in the social category of applications. The privacy of multiple people is 100% secure because no one can know important information or facts about your Instagram profile.


Some extraordinary features of Instagram Pro are mentioned below:


Many people face the issue of saving images or IGTV in the original Instagram app. But here, you can save any video, image and IGTV of your choice. An amazing thing is that you do not need to worry regarding the size of the file because the application supports all sizes perfectly.

Download Media

Now, it is quite easier to download media from your account. The media can be in form of images, reels, IGTV and videos. Whenever you get free time, you can watch all media files with peace. Some people are habitual of taking screenshots of images, but this problem is now resolved in this trendy application. Press the download button and files will start downloading in a few seconds as in Instander Apk.


This application can translate the posts and comments of any language into English. If a person does not know English, and he writes in his native language, then you can easily translate and read it.

Instagram Pro Apk Latest Version helps in reducing the language barriers living in different countries with different backgrounds. You can try this amazing feature and it will help you a lot.

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Privacy Protected

When it comes to the privacy of different posts or profiles, then Insta Pro is the best. Because privacy is the main concern here. You can easily hide the seen option of your messages so that the other person could not even know that you have seen his message.

App Lock

Prior, people are habitual of using different applications for locking Instagram. Now, you do not need to do it because Insta Pro has an in-built app lock. You just have to turn on the option of app lock from Settings and choose the pin or password as per your choice.

Track Unfollowed People

Some people unfollow the profiles of people after following them. Many important personalities and bloggers want to know their names so that they could keep a record of unfollowed people. Some do it manually by checking the people one by one but some cannot do it.

The solution to this problem is existing in this advanced app that contains the complete record of unfollowed people. Different social media bloggers need to keep a record of every minor information about their accounts.

Disable ads

If you are tired of watching advertisements while using Instagram, then now you do not need to worry about it. You just need to check the option of disabling advertisements and at the end, you cannot see any ads. In this way, you will not distract through ads.

Download Stories

You can also download the stories of different people that you want. If you find the stories people use, then you can download them for future purposes.

Exceptional Features

With all of these amazing features, there also exist some exceptional features that attract people to use Insta Pro:

  • Long tap to zoom images or pictures
  • Existence of swipe option to open the camera
  • You can also open the chatbox by swiping
  • Double-tap option to like the posts, images and videos
  • You can also disable the option of double-tap about like the posts

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Final Verdict

Insta Pro Apk is a social application designed to provide extra attributes to users. Those people who want to download media files can do it perfectly.

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