TopFollow Apk v 4.0 (Free Followers & Likes) 2022

Are you a blogger and looking forward to increasing your real Instagram followers and likes in a few days?

You are at the right place.

TopFollow APK is a sensational Instagram app that increases the likes and followers of Instagram account. Now, you do not need to worry about increasing your popularity because this application would help you give you your required number of likes and the following.

Many people want to gain social networking sensational popularity for becoming the top sensation having millions of followers. For this purpose, Instagram usage is increasing day by day, and it is considered among one of the top social media platforms. It contains more than 500 million followers, and this value is increasing continuously.

Many people share pictures, quotes, or any videos and expect to get millions of likes. But sometimes, they do not get as they desire. Hence this application provides all the important features to offer you the popularity you deserve.

For downloading the application to your PC, check it for Windows and Desktop.

TopFollow App is a platform where you can get likes and followings free of cost. You do not have to invest your money to become famous because this app would provide you with everything without charging prices. You can also get engagement on your posts through comments. Refer to this application if you know someone who is investing his resources or money in running ads to get a few words or likes.

Details and Requirements

Name of ApplicationTopFollow
Version3.9 V
Supported On5.0 and up
Size of App5.91 MB
FormatAPK file
Promo Code6BC39AB9
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected

Why do you need this application?

The blogging career is enhancing, and people tend to join this career and earn money. As technology advancement increases continuously and many people are well aware of different social media platforms. For this purpose, Instagram plays a crucial role, and its users have gained much importance. Its updated version has added more features where people love to enjoy it without wasting their time. When a new top follow update comes, you also need to update your app.

Users want to increase their followership for becoming famous and gain more popularity. Therefore, you need the application designed when the app is updated in 2021. To get more features, you have to download the updated version of this third-party app, and you will get everything you want. You can also use multiple accounts within this application as it is most trustworthy and has premium features.

How did this application emerge?

This application is developed to give information to people about the differentiation between real and fake followers. Using this, you can rapidly boost the number of followers, and no one can even distinguish that these followers are real or fake. For becoming popular on different social media platforms like Instagram, it is quite important to invest your time and money. But this app would allow you to build your presence only by singing up the application.

As it is a coin-based Apk, you can use it freely and exchange followership with your family or friends.

Collection of Coins

For enhancing the followers, it is necessary to collect the coins. For this purpose, you have to create a fake Instagram account. If you have already, then get its complete access. When you earn more coins, you start converting them into real followers to your original Instagram account.

Coin collection includes two options:

  1. Collect the coins by liking the profiles of other accounts in the Top follow android application and follow them. Coins will automatically start collecting into your account when you do these things.
  2. Another way is the usage of PROMO CODE. If you do not want to like or follow the profiles, then use the code 6BC39AB9 and get 500+ coins free of cost. This is a long-term approach as you do not need to focus on other profiles and use this code to get huge benefits.
  • The number of followers would start enhancing, which seems to be real ones. You can get the app from, depending on your choice or need compatibility with your device.
  • The application is not available on the play store as it is a third-party application. Therefore you do not need to give a review of the app. Just download, install, make an account, and enjoy unlimited features.
  • The downloaded file will be available on your phone; it is up to you whenever you install or reinstall it because it won’t get deleted unless you delete the apk file from the phone.
  • In just a few days, the number of followers will increase from zero to millions as it is the fastest app compared to other applications providing followers.
  • As this is a third-party source, anyone can steal your data, or any virus can start affecting your account if you do not use it with consciousness.
  • As the app is connected to the play store, it will not update automatically. For this, you have to update whenever a new version came and then you will start enjoying multiple benefits automatically. But for this purpose, keep patience because will provide you with every updated version with more features.
  • The data of your device can get affected if your account remains login. Whenever you want to use it, log in and log out again. In this way, you will be safe from any side effects.

TopFollow Apk Features

It has the following features that would attract multiple people to use it:

Safe to Use

The Instagram craze is increasing with time, and users are more conscious regarding the safety of using any third-party application. Therefore, this application is safe to use and does not contain any malware or virus that can destroy anything on your android or desktop. It is a third-party application but does not provide you any harm in disabling your account. Just post useful and natural content; you will be on the safer side.

Promote Pages or Accounts

The app allows you to gain more connections with people by increasing your followers. You can promote your pages or accounts by increasing the engagement of people. Everyone is looking to achieve these benefits, and sometimes people are spending a lot of money but cannot promote their performances. In those terms, Top follow is the best application that solves the problems of multiple people without charging money.

Organic Followers

You can easily increase your organic followers by more than 10,000+ in a single click. This is the biggest concern of multiple people searching for the top app that would make them the biggest celebrity and increase the fan following.

Important tags

The beneficial tags used for Top follow Mod Apk include unlimited coins, free download, top follower, the latest version, and get followers.

Many other applications provide such benefits, but this is more useful because it does not charge money and gives everything to people in only one click. This is the biggest benefit that you should follow.

How to get Unlimited Free Followers using TopFollow Apk?

It includes a few steps that would help you to increase the number of unlimited followers without charging any cost:

  • Firstly, open the download app and log in to the application by entering the user name password as shown in the picture.
  • topfollow apk

  • Then you will see the dashboard page where. It is a coin-based app that would enhance the number of followers of Instagram. Now you have to collect the coins. For this, you have to click on the START button, and coins will start collecting.
  • topfollow apk
    • If you want to collect more coins, there are other ways. Click on the settings icon shown on the above-left side. Now choose the option of free coins.
    topfollow apk

  • After choosing, a page will appear to select the Codes option.
  • topfollow apk
    • Now, D46BC8E7 is the secret code that would help you collect more coins according to your desire. Enter this code and press the send option.
    topfollow apk
    • Now you have gotten the 500 coins. Sometimes you will get more or sometimes fewer coins. It’s all depends upon your luck.
    topfollow apk
    • You can also share the code with your friends or family members by sharing the referral code with them. By inviting friends, you will get more coins to help you achieve your target within the required time frame.
    • Now you have to FOLLOWERS option and enter the targeted use name of Instagram at which you want to increase the followers.
    topfollow apk
    • You have to select the number of followers according to your available number of coins.
    topfollow apk
    • Now, click on the YES button. In these steps, your coins would be converted into free followers.
    topfollow apk
    • Your followers would start increasing as you have followed all the important steps.
    topfollow apk

    How to Remove Re-login Details?

    When you have started using it, then there is a greater need to remove your top follow login details so that your data can be safe. To protect the device from the Instagram security system, you have to remove all existing login details. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Open and Press the Settings option of your device.
    • Go to the Storage option on the settings page.
    • Now, open the App Manager page if you use the android phone.
    • Now select the option of Other Apps from your device to get the installed apps.
    • Now tap its listing. Find out TopFollow and remove its data by clearing the cache.
    • Hence, the cached data of your application is deleted, and you can again log in to your account that would not impact the privacy of your phone or device. This process is the same for desktop, ios or windows.

    Video Details

    Here in this video, you will get everything that you want:

    How to Download

    For downloading, you have to press the download button given below:

    Apply the promo code: 6BC39AB9 for collecting 300+ coins

    How to Install

    • Click the download button given on the upper side.
    • Now, install the app on your device.
    • Make sure that you have unchecked the option of “Allow Installation From Unknown Device.”
    • Open the app and enjoy its unlimited features.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a need to sign up or log in to Top Follow?

    Yes, you have to log in to your Instagram account to enjoy the multiple benefits.

    How to get unlimited followers for free in TopFollow?

    Firstly, log in to your account and follow the steps given above. Read thoroughly every step and follow them to gain the benefits of your choice.

    How to fix the Top Follow bad base64 problem?

    This is a simple error that 65% of people usually face. You have to close the application and then open it again. In this way, every error would get resolved within a few seconds.

    How to resolve TopFollow App bad request issue?

    Many people face this error while collecting coins, but it is not a big deal. Restart the app and use it again.


    Topfollow Apk is an application that would increase the real followers of Instagram accounts. Whenever a person wants to choose any third-party app, this is not easy because a reliable application is hard to find out.

    It is completely reliable and safer to use because you will get your required results within a limited time. It has taken little to become the top trending app for Instagram followers because of multiple features. For the guaranteed popularity, you are one step away. Go to the download button and install it to your device to get the required benefits within less period.